REACH Community Church is one church with two locations; one suburban and one urban. Our North Campus in Saginaw Township has existed since the 1940’s and has recently planted and launched our South Campus in Saginaw City in 2015.


Our current structure is the result of following Jesus’ holistic style of ministry.  A style of ministry that brought people the “very words of life” while at the same time providing them with the “very needs of life.” This is the kind of ministry that we at REACH Community Church embrace; one that not only preaches the gospel but practices it as well.


This philosophy has led us to open our doors to other like-minded community services and churches for the purpose of developing partnerships to meet the practical and spiritual needs of our community for God’s glory.


The result of this style of ministry has been the formation of a “community center” like church; a place where practical help becomes the means for spiritual hope.


If you’re interested in taking part in an “out of the box” approach to reaching the lost and raising up the found we’d love to meet you. Feel free to stop out to any of our services or contact our office.